Hallo my name is Lucia and I'm Italian.
I'm 18 years old and am a fan of the most great singer of ever: Elvis Presley!



I hate when people put the responsibility of “saving Elvis’s life” onto the shoulders of the women he was with. The only person who could save Elvis was Elvis. The only thing the women he was with could do was encourage better choices and be his companion, in the end he had final say about what he was and wasn’t going to do.

I totally agree with this.

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Biggest plot twist in history.

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Elvis and Kurt Russel in It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963).

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Sunday 16th May, 1965 - 525 Perugia Way, Los Angeles, CA

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Elvis and Debra photographed for “Love Me Tender”, 1956.

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Dress rehearsal for the Frank Sinatra Timex Special - “Welcome Home, Elvis”, March 1960.

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“My only desire is to do my best, the best that I can from the moment the camera starts until it stops. That moment I want to be perfect, as perfect as I can make it.” - Marilyn Monroe

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Elvis during the filming of Spinout, 1966.

Love this picture. Thank you for posting xxx  he looks amazing

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Elvis during the filming of Wild in the Country, 1960.

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Elvis In Roustabout 1964

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